We know you may have questions regarding the program, so we have put together a short Q&A that may address some of your initial questions. Please call or email with any questions or if you need clarification on any of the answers provided below.

What is Direct Select Agencies?
Direct Select Agencies, a division of Appalachian Underwriters Inc, is a wholesaler services provider that offers market access to national carriers and real-time comparative rating for personal lines across the U.S.
What are the insurance products Direct Select provides to agents?
Direct Select Agencies provides personal insurance products to agents. In addition, we provide a wide variety of specialty and surplus products through our parent company, Appalachian Underwriters, Inc.
What are some of the services you offer that help my agency to succeed?
In addition to the insurance products we offer to your agency, we have a agents E&O program, a comparative rater (for the personal lines markets we provide), an agency management system, website developments services, and premium financing and on-line rating for many of our surplus insurance products.
Who owns the book of business?
Policies issued through the Direct Select Agencies Program are owned by Direct Select, however you own the relationship with your client.
What are the costs to join and are there any monthly fees?
There are no sign-up fees and the fee ranges from $1,200 to $1,800 for the year, which can be paid in full or each quarter. Additionally, If agencies in force book and new business flow is revenue positive, a monthly fee deduction can be made from commission statement. The fee covers all the products and services provided for each access point.
Are there any minimum production requirements?
Minimum production requirements vary based on access point, but $40,000 Net Premiums are expected annually to maintain %100 New Business Commissions on Preferred Carriers
How fast can I start producing business through Direct Select?
Our agents usually are up and running within few business days.
Am I limited to writing business in just my home state?
No, you will be able to write business in any state that you hold a current license, provided that the carriers do business in that state.
How long is the approval process?
The level of access applied for will dictate how long the approval will take.  Advisor Access will be approved within 24 hours of meeting all membership requirements.  Exclusive Agent programs can take at least 14 business days.

Agents are also required to submit a copy of their E&O declarations page, copy(s) of your state licenses and a signed copy of the AUI/DSA Producer Agreement.

Do I really need three years of experience to get an appointment?
Yes. Exceptions may be requested, and we will evaluate those requests on a case-by-case basis.
How many users can my agency have on this account?
You are not limited in the number of users on your account, as long as each user is listed with our Marketing department and the fee for additional users is maintained.
What Program Options and Products do you have available?
Direct Select Agencies offers the following program options for your agency:

  • Advisor Agent ($100 per month for personal lines, additional users $50 per month) –   Wholesale access to all our carriers for personal lines.
  • Exclusive Agent ($150 per month for personal lines, additional users $50 per month) – Quote under your sub-appointments through Direct Select Agencies for personal lines.
How does my agency become appointed with Direct Select Agencies and/or Appalachian Underwriters, Inc.?
Complete all Agency Agreement forms.

  • Return by email to appointment@appund.com or by fax to 866-422-9637 with the following supporting documents
  • Copy of Current E&O Dec Page
  • Completed Pre-Authorization Deposit Form and a Copy of a Voided Check
  • Completed Agency Application Form
  • Signed & Dated Contract Page
  • Signed & Completed W-9 form
  • Copy of Resident & Non-Resident Agency Licenses
  • Copy of Resident & Non-Resident Agent(s) Licenses
  • Copy of Surplus Lines Resident & Non-Resident Agent(s)/Broker(s) License(s) (if applicable)
  • Submit Payment for Membership Fee
Will I be assigned a Marketing Representative?
Yes, a representative, which we call our Territory Underwriter Managers, will be assigned to you based on your location.
Do you offer premium financing?
Yes, for Surplus Lines of Business only.  We have several financing programs available for our Surplus lines such as, Commercial Specialty, Personal Lines, and Brokerage policies. To qualify for premium financing, total premium of the policy must exceed $1,000. Any premium less than $1,000 must be paid in full. Outside premium finance sources are accepted. Premium financing is not available on admitted, direct billed policies.
Do I have binding authority?
Depends! As an Advisor Agent, No. Those quotes have to be referred to a DSA underwriter for review and issuance.  You’ll be part of the process, and no policies will be issued without your approval.  For Exclusive Agent, Yes.  Quote, issue, and service without an underwriter referral.  You’re in the driver seat.
Will you assign an underwriter to my agency?
When you are an Exclusive Agent partner, you are assigned a Territory Underwriter Manager.  The TUMs are responsible for day to day interaction with you and your staff as you navigate through building your business including Underwriting review, issuance assistance, and profit management.  (TUMs are your resource to limit the heartburn of growing your business)
How many quotes should I expect to receive on each submission?
Quote results will vary based on product, geography, carrier appetite, and risk criteria.  Normally, each personal lines risk returns 1-2 quotes.
Who decides which carriers will be quoted?
Whether using wholesale access or sub-appointment access, the carrier appetite and underwriting guidelines determine whether your risk will be quoted.  Direct Select Agencies Underwriters will provide a quote from each carrier that has an appetite for your risk. We do not decide which carriers to present.  For Exclusive Agent programs, you control which carrier to present to the named insured from the quotes returned.
If I have appointments with some or all your carriers, can you provide quotes under my producer codes?
Yes. We can work with you to make your direct appointments available in EZlynx so you can load your carrier appointments and quote your markets alongside ours.
How does a policy get delivered to the insured?
Our carriers mail the policy directly to your insured.
How do I access a quote?
Your applications and quote results are stored on your EZLynx dashboard.  Log in to your EZLynx account to access any quote you’ve entered into the system.
Is a signed application necessary?
In most cases yes, the insured is required to send back a signed application.
Can I pay the down payment or entire premium by sending Direct Select Agencies a check
No. Policies are direct billed to the insured. All checks should be sent to the carrier.
When will I receive my commissions on sold policies?
Direct Select Agencies will pay due commission when we receive payment from the carrier, which is typically 30-45 days after the effective date of the policy. This is true in most instances regardless of when or how your customer made their premium payment to the carrier.  Direct Select Agencies pays commissions once a month if your agency is due commissions.
Can I use my current premium finance company?
No, outside premium financing is not allowed on direct billed policies.  However, if you choose to purchase a surplus policy, financing option are available, and you can use your own as well.
Does Direct Select Agencies charge brokerage fees, or do you allow my agency to charge fee?
No, Direct Select Agencies does not charge brokerage fees.  Direct Select Agencies has never charged brokerage fees on the policies it sells.  Agents can charge broker fees in certain states; however, this will be independent of Direct Select Agencies. The Direct Select Agencies Producer Agreement states that if your agency decides to charge a brokerage fee to your insureds, your agency will adhere to all state insurance laws, provide the required disclosure(s), and will obtain customer authorization, signatures and acknowledgements regarding broker fees.
Once appointed, can my agency use the Direct Select Agencies logo or the logos of the carriers that Direct Select Agencies represents?
Carrier logos may not be used without the express and written consent from each carrier. However, once you become an Exclusive Agent the Direct Select Agencies logo may be used. You must email our office with your marketing plan and receive approval from an authorized representative of Direct Select Agencies.
Will my agency name appear on any Declarations Page or Billing Documents?
No, not on Advisor Agent Access issued policies.  All documents will have the name Appalachian Underwriters (our parent company) on them, which are serviced directly by the carrier.  Policies sold under an Exclusive Agent contract, where the agent has obtained a sub producer code will show your agency name.
Will I have access to all carriers Direct Select Agencies carriers?
Yes. When you enter the quote data into EZLynx all available carriers in your state could display a quote for your risk.  You will never see a rate for a carrier that Direct Select Agencies does not represent.